Professional Translucent Orange Resin (R001)

Solidator Professional Translucent Orange resin has high surface hardness, high flexural strength, high tensile strength and high heat resistance.

Ideal for mould making and prototyping of small to medium sized objects.

Orange prototype

Material properties:

Key figure Method Symbol R001
Translucent Orange
Applications Prototypes, negative moulds
Physical properties  
Shore hardness D DIN EN ISO 48-4 D 84,7
Solid density DIN EN ISO 1183-1 ρ 1.18 g/cm³
Tensile properties  
Tensile module ASTM D638, Type I Et 2101 MPa
Tensile strength ASTM D638, Type I σM 40.7 MPa
Elongation at tensile strength ASTM D638, Type I εM 3,45 %
Elongation at break ASTM D638, Type I εtB 3,54 %
Bending properties  
Bending modulus ASTM D790 Ef 2735 MPa
Flexural strength ASTM D790 σfM 99.3 MPa
Elongation in bending for flexural strength ASTM D790 εfM 4,90 %
Elongation at break ASTM D790 εfB > 5.0 %
Impact resistance properties  
Izod notched impact strength ASTM D256 aiN 1.58 kJ/m²/(16 J/m)
Thermal properties  
Temperature of dimensional stability @ 0.45 N/mm² ASTM D 648 (B) Tf 66.3 °C
Glow wire flammability rating DIN EN 60695-2-12 GWFI 625 °C / 2.9 mm
Glass transition temperature DIN EN ISO 11359 Tg 49
Linear coefficient of expansion -20°C ... 20°C DIN EN ISO 11359 α 92 * 10-6 K-1
Linear coefficient of expansion 65°C ... 80°C DIN EN ISO 11359 α 205 * 10-6 K-1
Curl / Vertical Distortion  
Dimensional accuracy XY Test print (100x100x6mm) 99,81%
Curl at test bar (200x20x5mm) Vertical alignment of the print 0mm
Curl at test bar (200x20x5mm) Horizontal alignment of the print 1.0 mm
Print speed  
Printing conditions: Printed on Solidator V3+, layer height 100 microns, 3min cleaned in isopropanol, compressed air cleaned, UV post-curing with Solidator Cure Box.