3D Printer - Hardware


Outstandingly large print volume of 24.2 litres: 330 x 185 x 400 mm (12.99″ x 7.28″ x 15.75″) 4 to 6 times larger than an average resin 3D printer.

icon hardware_3d printer_surface_smoothing

Surface smoothing/Edge smoothing

thanks to our 3D smoothing technology. With more than 132 billion voxel build volume and a minimum XY resolution of 43 microns x 43 microns with layers as small as 30 microns, the print results are outstanding

icon hardware_3d printer_Modern Touch

Modern touch-controlled stand-alone 3D printing

- Integrated touch-controlled computer

- Modern HTML5 web interface for remote monitoring

- Job transmission possible via WLAN, Ethernet and USB

icon hardware_3d Printer_Plug&play

Plug & play - immediately printable

- Completely assembled

- Factory setting: Z-calibration

- Fine-tuned settings for our resins

icon hardware_3d printer_Unbeatably fast

Unbeatably fast - up to 9157 cm³ / hour. Vertical printing speed over 150 mm / hour on an area of 330 x 185 mm with a layer height of 200 micrometres.

icon_hardware_3D_printer_prep time

Short print preparation time

Solidator Studio is a professional all-in-one software package for model preparation, support structure generation and GPU-accelerated slicing. Settings about resins are already preset in the software for reliable printing.

icon hardware_3d printer_resins

Resins for high speed 3D printing

Solidator resins are specifically designed for high-speed, high-volume 3D printing.


Priority Support & Shipping

- Direct contact with the development team

- fast turnaround time

- Express shipping

Technical specifications

Type / Model Solidator 8K
Technology 8K resolution LCD mask stereolithography, vat polymerisation
Build Volume (length x width x height) 330 x 185 x 400 mm
Max. Speed @ 200µm layer height 9157 cm³ / hour - Vertical: 150 mm / hour
Max. Speed @ 100µm layer height 4197 cm³ / hour - Vertical: 69 mm / hour
Resolution enhancement 3D surface smoothing
Voxels in the construction space more than 132 billion voxels
Layer heights 30 / 50 / 60 / 100 / 200 µm
Z-motor resolution 10 micrometer (0.010 mm)
Minimum Feature Size XY 0.043 mm x 0.043 mm
Printer size (width x depth x height) 682 x 376 x 810 mm
Slicer Software + Support Generator Solidator Studio (included)
Standalone 3D printing Yes, no other PC necessary during printing
Touch display 3.2" touch display
HTML5 web interface for mobile and PC Yes
WLAN support for file transfer Yes
LAN support for file transfer Yes
USB stick for file transfer Yes
long-life light unit 50,000 hours, UV LED array
Automatic refill system Yes
Windows system support Yes
Voltage 110 V - 240 V 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature 18 - 25°C (64.4-77°F )