Solidator 3D Printer - Application - Digital Spare Parts Warehouse

The way companies manage and provide spare parts has fundamentally changed in recent years, and 3D printing plays a crucial role in this. In the digital spare parts warehouse, also known as the "on-demand" spare parts warehouse, 3D printing enables the decentralised production of spare parts, the reduction of inventory costs and the flexibility to react quickly to model changes. In this paper we will take a closer look at these exciting developments and applications in the field of 3D printing in the digital spare parts warehouse.

The challenge of spare parts supply

Traditionally, spare parts were kept in stock in large quantities to ensure quick availability. However, this resulted in high inventory costs, space requirements and wasted materials. In addition, companies were often forced to keep large quantities of spare parts on hand, even when demand fluctuated or models changed.

3D printing and the digital spare parts warehouse

With the advent of 3D printing, companies can produce spare parts on demand and in a decentralised manner. Here are some of the key benefits:

Reduced storage costs

Companies can minimise or even eliminate the expensive storage of spare parts. This means less capital tied up and lower operating costs.

Space saving

Storage space that used to be needed for storing spare parts can be used for other purposes, which increases efficiency.

Fast reaction to model changes

With 3D printing, companies can react flexibly to model changes. New spare parts can be produced and made available in the shortest possible time.

Reduced downtimes

Since spare parts can be manufactured on site, companies no longer have to rely on slow supply chains and delivery times. This significantly minimises downtime.

Less waste of material

Spare parts are only produced when they are needed, which minimises material waste.


Use our Digital Spare Parts Warehouse solution and benefit from the following Solidator advantages:

Production on demand

3D printing enables the production of spare parts on demand. These are only produced when they are needed, which minimises the capital commitment.

No tools required

3D printing does not require expensive tools or moulds. Spare parts can be created directly from digital models, which reduces production costs.

No minimum lot size

Unlike conventional manufacturing methods, there is no minimum lot size with 3D printing. Even individual parts can be produced economically.

Material and technology selection

Solidator's experts are available to advise you on the selection of suitable materials and technologies.

Order processing and shipping

Order processing and dispatch of 3D printing orders are carried out efficiently and promptly to provide customers with high quality and customised products.

Our solution approaches for digital spare parts warehouse with CAD software and Solidator 3D printer in 3 steps

By using our network, you can expand your business quickly and effectively by drawing on existing infrastructure. You have the option to request a customised quote for your on-demand and series production or alternatively store your designs in our digital warehouse to make your operational processes even smoother.

Add design

Add new 3D printed designs for your spare parts to your digital warehouse and secure a digital stockholding with Solidator.

The digital spare parts can be produced according to demand.

For model changes, use our CAD software.

Our platform is end-to-end encrypted. So your data and quality are safe with us.

Material and technology selection

With a wide range of 3DPrinting materials and 3D printing technologies we help you select the most suitable material and technology to meet your requirements for resolution, speed and accuracy.

In addition, we are happy to support you with our know-how in the selection of the optimal printing parameters.

Print with Solidator 3D Printer

After importing the design and selecting the appropriate material, technology and printing parameters, the software prepares your spare parts for printing with just a few clicks. Your spare parts are thus ready for dispatch.

Request sample print

Are you already interested, but would like to test our print quality first? No problem! We offer you a test print here. 

3D printing materials

Achieve the best 3D print quality by choosing the right materials. 


With flexible leasing options, businesses can use the latest 3D printer models to produce prototypes and bespoke parts cost-effectively.


Purchase the Solidator 3D printer and expand your manufacturing capabilities with an economical solution.